Welcome to RecoverItAll.com data recovery status faq’s

If you have reached this page, you have an active data recovery case with recoveritall.com and are following a link from our automated email system. Here you can get detailed answers to the status of your case. Below is a list of statuses that you may have received in an email. This system will help you in determining in great detail what exactly is taking place in regards to your case. This will also help you in determining if you need to take further action and contact our facility. You may receive one or more of these automated messages. Below is a list of all possible messages generated by the automated system.

HSA – Head stack assembly. This is the actuator arm, pre-amp and individual read / write heads that make up the complete mechanism that reads and writes data to and from your disk platters as the drive spins.

Patient Drive – Customers original drive that is need of data recovery.

Donor Drive – A fully functional drive matching the same manufacturer specific parameters as the Patient Drive. Donor drives are used for their internal parts such as the preamp, HSA (Head Stack Assembly) and more.

Media Drive – A brand new drive used to put your recovered data on for customer use.

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