PLEASE NOTE! Fees below are non-refundable. Please read the pricing page before continuing!

Upon completion of the evaluation, RIA will provide the customer with information regarding the amount of data recoverable and a quote/final price to complete the attempted recovery. Fees below are in no way indicative of the final price for the final data recovery and are not applied to the final price of the data recovery. Parts may be necessary in order to complete the evaluation process to initially determine subsequent data recoverable. Parts pricing cannot be predetermined or estimated and is separate from the final price or quote provided. Parts pricing will be provided by RIA to the customer for consideration at the time of the evaluation. Although we offer some of the best pricing in the industry, please read the pricing page so you have a realistic expectation regarding level 3 data recovery before proceeding. 

Evaluation/deposit and parts fees are non-refundable, are due prior to continuation of attempted recovery, and are due whether or not the recovery is successful. 



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