Data Recovery and Computer Forensics Investigations

Data recovery and computer forensics generally go hand in hand. Often times computer forensics can not be performed until a successful data recovery has been completed. Computer forensic examiners can unearth the secrets thought to be hidden on different types of digital media. Data can be recovered from PCs, Macs, external hard drives, USB flash drives, camera memory cards, cell phones, and more. Almost all information evidence is now stored on computers or other electronic devices so it is imperative to address the issues of electronic evidence management and discovery. The relevant information you seek is probably hidden or partially destroyed on these devices and will require careful excavation. Electronic evidence must be handled by trained and licensed experts with proven computer forensic methodologies to avoid contamination and to ensure its admissibility in court.

Our licensed and certified computer forensic examiners are trained in computer forensic data acquisition following strict forensic guidelines and maintaining the chain of custody throughout the entire investigation. Our investigators are extremely successful in acquiring the necessary data for your court case in a thorough and affordable manner. We work with many different type of clients including attorneys, other private investigators, people contemplating divorce, banks, educational institutions, small businesses, corporations and many more.