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At Recover It All, you have come to the right place if you want the best data recovery price in the industry. Don’t throw money away!
best data recovery price

Many customers do a tremendous amount of research when searching for a data recovery company to perform data recovery on their hard drive, flash drive, micro sd card or smart phone. Price is not the only factor they consider when choosing a data recovery company. One of the most frequently asked questions by our customers is how we are able to offer affordable data recovery services and do it for a price so much cheaper than the competitors. How can we offer the best data recovery price? The answer is fairly simple. We have a smaller company and a much lower overhead than the larger companies. We use the exact same equipment the larger data recovery companies use and we are trained by the same companies that train them. We don’t invest large amounts of money in clever marketing and promotional materials. We use our expertise in electronics, physics and mechanical engineering to design and manufacture our own data recovery tools and we use the same expertise to write our own home grown software in addition to the professional data recovery suites we utilize on a daily basis. Our goal is to provide a successful data recovery service for our customers at an affordable price. We spend most our time producing happy customers so we can offer the best data recovery price. Although many of the cases we work on total less than $300, Level 3 data recovery pricing starts at $600 plus parts. 

Helpful tips for getting the best data recovery price!

Feel free to check around on the internet and compare the price of a similar type of data recovery. You will quickly see there is a very large range of pricing and it’s all over the board. Here are some things to consider when choosing a data recovery company with the best data recovery price.

  • Try to get an accurate idea of what the total cost to complete the data recovery will be? Some data recovery companies charge an initial diagnostic fee and some offer the initial diagnostic for free. Usually the ones that offer the initial diagnostic for free will have a much higher price in the end. They waive the fee to get you in the door. In the end you will unfortunately find that the final price was much more than originally anticipated.

  • Get the data recovery company to lock you into a firm quote. There are many variables when performing a data recovery. There are often many man hours that go into completion of a data recovery and many technical difficulties that often arise during the data recovery. If you are locked into a firm quote and the company has to spend additional time on your data recovery case, you will at least be locked into a set price.

  • Beware of ridiculously cheap data recovery services. Keep in mind, we regularly perform data recoveries on flash drives under certain circumstances for around $99 and this is not a logical recovery. The internet is full of data recovery providers that claim to offer hard drive data recovery services for $199 or $299. Under some circumstances there are data recovery providers that can offer logical data recovery services for a very low fee. Most reputable computer repair centers can offer this service. Also, end users can acquire the logical data recovery software for free or at a very low price and do it themselves. If there is a definitive mechanical failure of the hard drive internally, anyone claiming they could do it for $299 would be out of business quickly and it would not be a company I would trust under any circumstances.

See Device Tables Below For Pricing Estimates:

* NOTE – Level 3 Data Recovery Pricing below is based on typical Level 3 procedures for single drives Pricing for cases with complex issues requiring more time will be discussed and quoted prior to work being performed. RAID Data Recovery will be priced primarily on all the failing drives comprising the RAID array.

Level 1

Data Recovery
$ 399
  • Accidental Format
  • Accidental Format
  • Accidental Deletion

Level 2

Data Recovery
$ 499
  • Shorted Electronics
  • Bad Sectors

Level 3

Data Recovery
$ 699
  • Clicking Noise
  • Squealing / Grinding Noise
  • Requires Clean Room

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