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Data recovery is very complicated, something you should never attempt to do yourself.  Only a trained specialist should be attempting data recovery. Here’s why:

Hard Drives: Hard drives are very fragile and need extra special care when they are worked on. Hard drives are built with extremely precise mechanical manufacturing techniques and tolerances. Keep in mind, the working distance (flight height) between the read / write heads and the platter itself is much smaller than the human hair. The oil from your thumbprint if you touched a platter would be greater in height than the working flight height of the head slider assembly as it hovers over the platter. When you first take your hard drive to a specialist, they will perform an evaluation and get back to you and tell you the problem, as well provide a cost estimate. When most people get their price quote, they immediately think the price is too high. As this happens, the individual will decide to try their own data recovery. This isn’t the smartest idea, as it normally results in your data being lost forever. In most cases, where individuals attempt data recovery themselves, the data is so far gone that even the best data recovery specialist can’t bring it back. Many people think they are getting gouged or taken advantage of but the fact is, most data recovery companies have spent tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and training and have worked very hard with very specialized equipment to achieve success in the industry.


Flash Drives:

usb-flash-drive-1There are many shapes and sizes of flash drives. There has been no industry standard with the manufacturing of flash drives until recently. Many current manufacturers still do not follow the standard. Usb flash drive data recovery is separated into two different types depending on the type of flash drive.  Monolith and component on printed circuit board. Once the type of flash drive is determined, there are two procedures for component on circuit board and two procedures for monolith data recovery. Monolith data recovery is very expensive and there are very few data recovery companies that perform monolith data recoveries. To learn more about monolith data recovery, click here.  To read more about component on printed circuit board flash drive recovery, click here.


SD Cards / Micro SD Cards:

micro sd card 1 Pictured here is a typical micro sd card. Micro SD cards are used in many of today’s cameras, drones, and other devices. SD card data recovery is typically treated as a monolith data recovery. A completely different approach is needed compared to typical usb flash drive data recovery since there are no actual components present. Monolith devices are manufactured with all the components embedded on the silicon substrate so no components are visible to troubleshoot the circuit itself and repair or replace faulty components.


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